About us

This slow fashion brand was born out of the desire of its founder Raakhee, to celebrate the artistry of Indian fabrics and the artisans who create magic with their art. Our brand’s forte lies in weaving a narrative of contemporary women’s wear crafted from exquisite Indian handcrafted, artisanal fabrics.
Welcome to the world of LoomyTales and rediscover the romance of fashion with textiles that whisper tales of tradition and timeless style. Where each garment is meticulously crafted from sustainable fabrics. 
Some of the fabrics used in our collections are Ajrakh silks and cottons, Eri silks, Bagru handblock print cottons, Chanderi silks, Mashru silks, Assam handwoven cottons, Bengal cottons, Kala cottons, Shibori print cottons among others. We provide customised sizing for most of our designs to keep our brand sustainable.
  • To make sustainable fashion affordable to consumers.
  • To make Indian textiles and fabrics global
  • Create clothes where the fabric is rooted in our culture keeping the style global and contemporary
  • To adopt sustainable methods in making our clothes and use of sustainable materials for packaging
  • To minimise wastage of material, we make and keep limited pieces for each design We prefer to make customised pieces on order 


Loomy tales at an exhibition


Our Founder Raakhee Das