About Us

The theme of sustainability and slow fashion is inherently woven into the brand soul essence of Loomy Tales.

Loomy Tales is born out of a desire , to celebrate the sheer beauty and richness of Indian textiles on one hand and to encourage sustainability in fashion on the other hand.

The team behind Loomy Tales , has adopted sustainability not just in the clothes they seek to create but in their own lifestyles as well – whether it is upcycling, recycling or believing in ethically made clothes. They wish to be ainstrument in the transition from fast fashion, mass produced fashion to slow and ethical fashion.


We endeavour to combine comfort and style in the clothes we make.

So the idea is to use fabrics that are rooted in age old weaving culture of India but the look will be global and contemporary/ modern ( easy going silhouettes for effortless charm).

The idea is also to keep alive the sense of wonder when customers choose their clothes and wear them.


The Brand Mantra is – lets go slow with slow fashion.

We plan to do that in the following ways :

  1. Sourcing handwoven fabrics to make the clothes . The plan in the future is to work directly with weavers, in the Northeast and other regions with age old tradition of weaving, to produce the fabric.
  2. Custom sizing and customized pre-booking orders to reduce the amount of clothes made and possibly not sold and hence wasted.


The Vision of Loomy Tales is to bring the creators/ the weavers from behind the scenes to the forefront . To celebrate their work and help them not just survive but thrive and feel pride in what they create every single day.

The vision is also to bring the beautifully handwoven and handcrafted textiles of India to the global marketplace and showcase their richness, in a unique way.